How to update

Learn the steps needed to update your help desk software.

We assume that you have followed our install instructions and that you have installed your help desk system at /var/www/fullhelp/live, or similar.

The important part here is that your live working copy should be located on a live directory, while the update is prepared on the update directory.

Backup notice: It is recommended to perform a database backup. This process will make changes to the structure of the database and the data in it.

Update instructions

Using your preferred tool unzip the ZIP file you have downloaded, and once unzipped, upload all the files to /var/www/fullhelp/update in your server.

Once the upload is complete, let's bring the existing app's storage directory (where all files are uploaded) and the configuration file:

  1. Copy /var/www/fullhelp/live/.env to /var/www/fullhelp/update/.env
  2. Merge /var/www/fullhelp/live/storage and /var/www/fullhelp/update/storage. Example: rsync -a /var/www/fullhelp/live/storage/ /var/www/fullhelp/update/storage/. If you don't merge the directories and simply move the live storage to the update storage, the update and maintenance mode flags will be lost, causing the update page to show a 404 error.

Now that you have updated the application files, it's time to make it official and publish the updated system:

  1. If you have an existing directory named "old", rename or delete it.
  2. Rename the live directory to old.
  3. Rename the update directory to live.

The application is now updated and published. Next step is to visit and follow the update instructions. Remember to replace with your help desk's domain.

Make sure to update your browser cache. If you are using a CDN, like Cloudflare, you will need to clear the cache for the following files:

  1. /js/app.js
  2. /css/app.css
  3. /js/embed.fullhelp.js

If you have created a knowledge base site, make sure to update it in the themes section of the site as themes are not updated automatically. Please note that this process will override your existing theme files - any changes you have made will be lost. You may want to ZIP your modified theme, and upload it as a new one. This only applies to official themes (included in your help desk instance) and not custom themes.

The update process automatically put your system in maintenance mode. Only the /en/system/update page is enabled.
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