Important notes for the v0.7.0 release.

Duplicated customers fix

This release fixes an issue where multiple customers were being created in some circumstances. The fix includes a database adjustment which forces customers to be unique within an account.

The update process will look for duplicated customers and automatically do a merge of such records, moving conversations and any other information associated with those duplicated customers to a single customer. Duplicated records are then deleted.

If you are using a custom update process, or have modified the database with new customer relations, make sure to delete any duplicated customer yourself as this process doesn't take into account those scenarios.

You should manage the duplicates before applying the update.

Postmark Inbound Emails and Queues

If you are using Postmark to handle incoming emails, make sure your queue system is configured and running. This change was needed for the help desk to handle many incoming emails in a short period properly. For example, when a customer sends an email to two or more mailboxes (i.e., [email protected], and [email protected]), Postmark will send two POST requests to your help desk. Without queues, these two requests result in duplicated customers or one of the requests failing.

Conversation attachments

Previously, inline images were being stored and accessible publicly with a unique randomly-generated attachment file name. For this release, we changed this behavior in favor of private attachments. Now, for an attachment to be accessible, the agent must be logged in and have access to the account where the attachment belongs.

Old inline attachments are not affected by this change.

For your reference, this is the old and new inline attachment URL:

  • Old /storage/inline-attachments/{path}
  • New /en/attachments/{path}

Where {path} is the attachment path to the filesystem location, e.g., 1/2/3/filehash.jpeg.

Manager role is no longer able to manage memberships

Previously, any user with the Manager role was able to change its role to Account Owner, to fix this, we have revoked all the user management permissions to the Manager role. Only the Account Owner role can invite, update and delete user memberships.

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