Queue system is not running

Learn how to debug and fix the queue system


The queue is not running, causing Postmark Inbound emails not being processed and conversation replies not being delivered.

Causes and solutions

The process monitor, Supervisor, is not running

To make sure the Supervisor is running, execute the following command from your server's command line:

sudo supervisorctl status

You should get back a list of running processes, like:

fullhelp-example-desk-websocket                                RUNNING   pid 1234, uptime 63 days, 22:05:55
fullhelp-example-desk-worker:fullhelp-staging-desk-worker_00 RUNNING pid 1235, uptime 42 days, 2:52:45

This response means that the Supervisor process monitor is running correctly, even when there are processes with non-running status.

The queue process is not running

There are several reasons for a process to not have a running status. To check whether a process is running or not simply execute the same command shown earlier:

sudo supervisorctl status

If you notice there are processes without a RUNNING status, check the failing process log file to see what's causing the issue. Common causes include, but are not limited to:

  • incorrect command in Supervisor configuration
  • limited file permissions
Where is the process log file?

If you have used the default Supervisor configuration file we provide in the Supervisor setup guide, the log file will be located at /var/www/fullhelp/live/storage/logs/worker.log, where /var/www/fullhelp/live is the path in your server to the application.

Other causes and solutions

There may be other causes that may prevent queues from being executed. If by following the above instructions you cannot determine the cause and/or a fix, feel free to contact us so we can assist you. Please include as many details as possible, including:

  • Whether it is a new or existing instance
  • What did you do to troubleshoot the issue, including any configuration adjustments, etc
  • The application log file, which is located at [server path]/storage/logs.
  • The process log file, which would be [server path]/storage/logs/worker.log.
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