List of features supported by Full Help

See a list of the features supported by the help desk application


  • Multiple accounts per help desk instance
  • Multiple users per account
  • Multiple mailboxes per account
  • Multiple knowledge base sites per account
  • Invite users to join your account
  • Manage multiple accounts with a single login session
  • Fully responsive design with progressive web app technology support

Dashboard user interface languages

  • English
  • Spanish

More languages are coming soon.


  • Role-based user permissions
  • Support for HTTPS connections

Conversation management

  • Tags with contextual colors
  • Batch actions like delete, tagging, assignment, and status
  • Assign to user
  • Private conversation notes
  • Multiple support agents can reply to conversations
  • Users can share conversation reply drafts
  • Tiny 5 WYSIWYG reply and note editor
  • Ability to accept an incoming conversation and create it under the customer name when a conversation is forwarded to the help desk by an agent
  • Conversation secure attachments
  • Quickly search and insert articles in a reply
  • Copy and paste images in the reply editor
  • Live conversation updates
  • Sound for new replies
  • Users availability with availability preferences and optional schedule
  • Custom Apps

Conversation channels

More channels are coming soon.


  • Support for multiple shared mailboxes
  • Custom mailbox "From" name, choose between mailbox name, sender name, a combination of the two, or custom text

Knowledge bases

  • Support for multiple knowledge bases on a single help desk account
  • Subdomains and custom domains
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript code
  • Custom themes
  • Collections, Articles, and Categories
  • Drag and drop content rearrangement
  • Ability to reposition an article before or after another article
  • Multilingual support
  • Contact page with easy to use WYSIWYG message composer and attachments
  • Quickly search and insert articles into the article editor
  • Article feedback
  • Article drafts
  • Ability to publish or unpublish an article
  • Site stats
  • Themekit - a theme development tool kit for theme designers and developers

Live chat widget for websites

  • Allows users to search your knowledge base site right from your website
  • Allow users to reach out to you by creating and responding to conversations
  • Customizable colors, text, and icon
  • Supports Pusher and built-in web sockets server
  • Chat sound
  • Fully responsive design

Other useful resources

Is something missing? Feel free to submit your feature requests here.


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